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On Friday 10th August 2018 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm


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At Khalsa Science Academy, we are proud of making historic moments. In 2013, we were the first Sikh Ethos School in the North of England. In 2017, we were the first school in the UK to unveil a statue of Captain Ishar Singh, to commemorate those who served and sacrificed their lives in the wars. And in January 2018, we are here on this wonderful occasion to be the first school to be officially opened by the first Sikh Lord, Lord Singh.

Key Stage One 2018 SATS results - Year 2

  • Reading 75% (NA 76%)
  • Writing 71% (NA 68%)
  • Maths 79% (NA 75%)
  • Science 83% (NA 83%)
  • Provisional 2018 Phonics results- Year 1
  • 85% (NA 81%)

Senior Leadership Team

  • Principal Davinder Kaur Bahi
  • Assistant Head Jordan License- Key Stage 2 Manager
  • Assistant Head Sarah Rai- EYFS & Key Stage 1 Manager
  • Assistant Head Sarah Rai- EYFS & Key Stage 1 Manager
  • Chris Graham - Inclusion Consultant

We are Khalsa because we are an inclusive team with high expectations based on three principles:- to have a caring and sharing attitude; to be honest and hardworking; and to be reflective in nature.

We are Science because we focus on an investigative and resilient approach to learning.

We are Academy because we are an aspirational and successful school with above national results in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science at Key Stage 1.

Our Parent Survey in May 2017, illustrated that over 90% of our parents felt the school was a safe environment, a happy place and complete satisfaction with their child's learning.

The staff at Khalsa Science Academy have the passion to ensure each child develops life-long skills and is a positive and confident leader in school and beyond.

We actively promote tolerance, fairness, respect for all faiths, and the rule of law to ensure children, parents, staff and trustees at Khalsa Science Academy also 'See the Light in All'.